Rather than have a truck parked outside your premises, releasing pollution and damaging emissions for lengthy periods we collect and securely transfer all documents to our high-security recycling centre in East Kilbride, allowing us to shred your materials in a much more environmentally friendly manner.  

No, we take care of that you.

Yes, we are happy for you to use your own bags and boxes, for both collection and drop-off

We can take small amounts of plastic, but an additional charge may apply for larger volumes. 

We can take lever arch files, but these are non-recyclable and therefore the paperwork needs to be removed from the files before shredding. Due to increased labour involved and disposal costs incurred there is an additional charge, so we recommend you try to re-use these where possible. 

The obvious ones are banking and financial documents including insurance renewals and utility bills as soon as they are no longer required, medical paperwork, travel documents and any tax information. However, anything which contains a piece of information unique to an individual is classed as confidential and should be shredded where there is no longer a legal requirement to hold the information. 

Yes, we can provide a certificate of destruction for verification.

All our vehicles are GPS monitored so we know exactly where your documents are during transit, once unloaded your documents are kept in our secure shredding area which has 24hr CCTV recording and secure entry so only authorised personnel can enter, all documents are guaranteed to be shredded within 24 hours of us receiving them. 

We shred papers from various sources

  • Confidential waste, office papers and documents  
  • Household documents bills, bank statements 
  • Branded packaging and labels to protect intellectual property and brand identity. 
  • Newsprint, magazine and printed leaflets and brochures 
  • Your documents are shredded to 15mm this means they cannot be put back together again. 
  • For additional security, we mix your shredded documents with documents from other sources making document recovery pretty much impossible.
  • All our staff are security vetted; our vehicles are GPS tracked and our recycling centre is fully monitored by CCTV – this means your documents are securely monitored from point of collection or drop off until they are shredded. 
  • 100% of the paper we shred is recycled. We partner with selected paper mills in the UK where the paper is repulped and turned into new paper and tissue products. 

  • Our bags are 691x559mm (22” x 34”) Click here for more information on our shredding bags.

  • 10-15kg or roughly the same as two standard archive boxes 

  • A junior cabinet is 635x500x500 it fits perfectly under a desk and is ideal for smaller offices
  • A standard cabinet is 900x500x500. Click here for more information on our shredding cabinets. 
  • All cabinets are locked and can only be accessed by Highlander Security Shredding authorised personnel or a nominated keyholder within your company. Click here for more information on our shredding cabinets. 

  • General Data Protection Regulation, is European legislation covering how companies hold, use and process personal data, find out more. (Why Shred?)  

  • We provide a flexible service to suit your needs, from one-off ad-hoc services to a scheduled collection with variable contract terms. When cabinets or equipment is installed, we will provide a waste transfer agreement tailored to your business. 

  • All data and documentation are securely locked inside our vehicles, and vehicle used for shredding collections have a rigid body. All vehicles are GPS tracked so we can monitor at head office where they are at all times to ensure an instant response in the event of an incident. 

Yes, we can, you would simply contact us for a quote, and we would issue a proforma invoice for payment before collection. Click here for more information on our shredding bags. 

We offer a collection service to suit all requirements, from one-off collections on an ad hoc basis, to regular uplifts on a set frequency.

Using an accredited shredding company like Highlander proves cost-effective and can increase employee productivity. A large amount of valuable time can be wasted by using your own office shredder, and there is no proof that the shredding has taken place. Highlander will provide you with a waste transfer note and certificate of destruction for each consignment which can be used for audit purposes.

Here at Highlander Security SHredding, we offer secure and confidential document shredding, paper shredding and paper recycling services across Scotland.

Paper shredding is the process of sheets of paper being cut into either strips or fine particles by a mechanical device. It can reduce the volume of paper waste that is created by businesses and in our homes.

Confidential waste is similar to general waste, however, it needs to be lockable so that confidential contents are kept safe and secure. This way, sensitive documents are protected either before or after they have been shredded.

Cardboard recycling can vary in cost, depending on size, weight and type of cardboard. To get a quote for your cardboard, contact your waste disposal company for more information.

Typically, sacks of confidential waste are taken to a secure facility where they are shredded within a strict, 24-hour period. So, you can rest assured that your documents are out of harm’s way.

If you are in need of a reliable shredding company near you, have a look online, or take recommendations from friends and family to find the best company for you. If you are based in Scotland, here at Highlander Security Shredding, we offer an excellent shredding and disposal service.

Confidential shredding refers to documents that have any personal information, about customers, suppliers, financial data or any other sensitive information. The shredding of these documents is to protect this information from being accessed by outside parties, and confidential shredding helps to do this.

Alongside our business services, we also offer an excellent domestic shredding service. We can collect from households across Scotland to collect your sensitive paper waste. Alternatively, you can come down to our recycling centre and see your documents shredded firsthand.

Recycling paper helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and poor air quality. Recycling uses up 70% less energy and water than creating fresh paper from trees, and is a sustainable method of reducing our waste.

Document disposal can also vary in price, depending on the amount of paper you are disposing of. For on-site paper shredding, you could be looking at up to £125 per hour, but you should contact different companies to get a quote and find a competitive price.

Typically, office paper can be recycled and used as new office paper about 5-7 times. With domestic paper recycling, the recycled sheets can also be turned into new products, like office paper, cardboard or newsprints.

Paper recycling, much like most recycling items, is collected either once a week, or once every fortnight, depending on your location. You can check your local council website or contact your waste collection company for more information.

There are a range of shredding services in Glasgow. Here at Highlander Security Shredding, we are dedicated to keeping your documents safe, secure and are committed to disposing of any sensitive material with discretion.

With drop off services, you will most likely be able to drop off your paper and documents on a day that suits you! You will be able to pop down to the depot and drop off your confidential materials, rather than waiting for a collection service.

Secure paper shredding is a good preventative measure when it comes to data breach and identity theft. Important documents can  hold a lot of sensitive information which needs to be protected from outside parties, as it removes the opportunity for harmful crimes to take place.